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What You’ll Learn

"Most couples are so excited about planning the wedding that they often overlook the first dance. Flowers, venue, food, decorations, music, - everything about your wedding tends to be about everyone else. However, your big day is about one thing and one thing only, The celebration of your new life together. Just like you wouldn’t settle for a generic, recycled, cookie-cutter wedding, you shouldn’t settle for your first dance! We’re Chad and Brisa, and we help couples take their weddings from special to spectacular through the power of dance."

Move together with ease and reduce the stress

Our simple, no nonsense approach to teaching will get you enjoying those special moments during your First Dance as you present yourselves as newlyweds to your family, friends and guests.

Create a relationship of mutual self improvement

In a true partnership, both parties have the need and desire for personal progression and fulfillment. We’ve found that dancing helps set the stage for communication and interpersonal discovery. This helps both you and your partner progress in ways that will bring joy, fulfillment, and understanding to your life’s journey together.

Share a common interest

Don’t stop dancing after your wedding! Relationship experts find over and over again that couples who find a common interest or hobbies to enjoy together have greater happiness in their marriages and life in general. Preparing for your first dance together gives you a common goal and skill to enjoy together. Don’t stop dancing after your wedding!

Get Healthy!

You can’t fight the research that those who are most successful in achieving healthy living have someone they love and respect to hold them accountable. Dancing together offers a fun, low-impact activity that naturally improves balance, strength, and flexibility.

Make The Most of Your Moment

Intimacy is rooted in sharing a deep closeness and connection to each other, and relationships cannot thrive without it! Your first dance together allows you to step away from all of the noise of your big day and reconnect. Touching and locking eyes, moving in unison is a recipe for starting your marriage off on a high note.

Keep Discovering New Aspects of Your Relationship

After years of being in a relationship, it’s easy to get settled in and “go through the motions.” Sadly, most couples stop dating each other after life gets in the way. We have found that those we work with, learn a lifelong skill of dating and progression together through dance. This builds a foundation for further discovery and intimacy for years to come.



A Word From Our Happy Students

"Thanks to you! We had a fairytale wedding! Everything was perfect. . .even our dance routine! Everyone there was absolutely SHOCKED! After we were introduced, we had the bridal party line up against the table, surrounding the dance floor and we went right into our routine! Thanks again, Chad, we couldn't have asked for a better instructor!"

Rachel & Aric

"You made our special day even more special. Thank you so much for your great instruction and encouragement."

Jenny & Martin

"This was a lot of fun. We look forward to doing it again! We learned the basics about dancing, some good steps, it was a good intro class. It was most useful being able to see the instructors show moves and do the moves ourselves. It was great."

"We liked the lesson - Chad's got skills. Brisa is amazing. Learning about kinesthetic learners was the most useful."

"We loved Chad & Brisa! They made it so easy! No dance lesson I've/we've taken made us feel so confident."


Meet Your Dance Instructors

Chad and Brisa have combined more than 40+ years of experience in the dance industry. They are trained in all styles of ballroom dancing including American Style Smooth, American Style Rhythm, International Standard, International Latin, Night Club Dances, Country Western and Wedding dance.

The last 20 years they have specialized in teaching wedding parties including Groom/Bride, Bride/Bride, Groom/Groom, Father/Daughter, Mother/Son and others in the wedding party. Because of the many years in the wedding industry, they have had a huge impact and are known all over the Phoenix area. They make it easy to learn by using principles from everyday life. Their method of teaching makes it a very special day with personally choreographed moves and music of the couples’ choice. They teach as a couple and this unique style of teaching helps each person that learns from them, learn the insides to both the Initiator’s role (dancing Male steps/leader) and the Responder’s role (dancing the Female steps/follower).

Program Outcomes

  1. At minimum – a better option than awkwardly swaying for 3 minutes.
  2. Gain and improve tools to avoid conflict and resolve conflicts that DO arise.
  3. Gain confidence in their ability to dance and the understanding that harmful stereotypes like “No Rhythm,” and “Two Left Feet” are myths.
  4. Have the tools to create the kind of dance they want whether it be: a simple, basic dance that is more than just “swaying” but is not difficult, nor overly fancy, or something more elaborate, or something very fancy and even a dance arranged to a medley of songs.
  5. Have the ability to apply to any dance style.
  6. Have the knowledge and skills to execute a safe and elegant dip.
  7. Gain awareness of the very many options they have for creating a unique dance by turning simple moves into fancy-looking ones.
  8. Acquire tools to improve both their movement skills and their interpersonal skills - on or off the dance floor.
  9. Walk away with the skills to enjoy a life long journey of date-night dancing.
  10. Skills to apply in any social function, Corporate Events, Holiday Parties, Weddings etc.



Program One:
"Do-It-Yourself -
A Cure For the
Awkward Sway”

Now only $197!

An Elegant, Simple Dance

This program provides the basic tools to quickly & easily gain the knowledge & skills to get you up and dancing. In just a few hours of watching and practicing, you will learn how to execute enough basic dance moves to have a fun and special first dance. Includes 19 videos (including four detailed dance demos) and nine worksheets.

  • 15 video lessons
  • 4 BONUS dance videos

Program Two:
"With a Little Bit of Help - Beyond Simple: Impressive & Elegant!"

Now only $497!

or 3 Payments of $197
Impress Your Guests

In addition to the basics, we show you many variations of the basics that will look truly impressive – and, are surprisingly easy to learn. This plan includes a consult and a video review so we can give you focused, explicit feedback to help you design and execute Your Dance – Your Way.  Includes 52 videos, 29 Worksheets, one 30-minute private consult with a DanceWithChad instructor, and one video review. 

As a bonus, you will receive an additional Video Review if we receive your written pledge that you will submit video of your First Dance (along with your permission to post it as part of our marketing) and with a testimonial.

  • Over 50 video lessons
  • 4 BONUS dance videos
  • Mental coaching to help you overcome insecurities
  • Emotional coaching to help you grow with your partner
  • One (1) 30-minute private consult with the Dance With Chad team
  • One (1) video review

Program Three:
"Let Us Be Your Guide - Fancy, Sophisticated, Sassy: YOUR Way"

Now only $797!

or 3 Payments of $297
A Dance as Unique as You Are!

The complete package! all videos, all supporting worksheets (plus two bonus worksheets), three (3) one on one consults - 1½ hours of coaching with Chad & Brisa! – and three video reviews.  As a bonus, you will receive an additional Video Review if we receive your written pledge that you will submit video of your First Dance (along with your permission to post it as part of our marketing) and with a testimonial. 

  • Over 50 video lessons
  • 4 BONUS dance videos
  • Mental coaching to help you overcome insecurities
  • Emotional coaching to help you grow with your partner
  • Three (3) 30-minute private consults with Chad and Brisa
  • Three (3) video reviews
  • The DJ SONG LIST Worksheet



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